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Wasserreinigeris a water treatment equipment for deep filtration and purification of water quality according to the requirements of water use. The water purifier that speaks at ordinary times, it is to point to the small purifier that uses as a family commonly. MicoeWasserreinigeris divided into household water purification and commercial water purification, different types to meet your full range of water needs.

MicoeWasserreinigerQualitätskontrolle. A: no water leakage. Gas inspection, water inspection double station detection, to ensure that the whole assembly without water leakage. Two: no leakage. Products by the national CCC certification. In the production process, each product through safety test, to ensure no leakage. Three: good filtration effect. PP cotton loose outside and tight inside structure, can meet a larger amount of pollution, ensure filtration accuracy while extending the life of the filter element. Four: stable performance. All the water purification accessories are selected from the top three suppliers in the industry, and the performance of the accessories is tested 10% before storage to ensure the stability of the accessories.



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